There’s value in your data.
We’ll help you find it.

At Floodlight we use open source tools combined with intelligent software to allow you to discover the value in your data and make more from your business.

Let's Talk About Data

Deep Analytics

Take analytics further than just surface data. Floodlight helps you find the hidden connections and underlying patterns in your data.

Examine data in the context of your whole organization, comparing results against historical data, ideal models, and predicted future trends.

Instant Intelligence

Make informed decisions as soon as the data exists with near real time processing and instant availability regardless of where the data is produced.

Improve your ability to make informed business decisions quickly, gaining a advantage over competitors and helping stakeholders to succeed.

Improved Governance

Exact strict control over where your data is available and to whom, making compliance much simpler than through traditional methods.

Safely expose segments of your data where needed, and leave the remainder safely within your own network.

Better Economics

By installing a layer between existing data systems and our analytics tools you do not have to change any exisiting system to improve your analysis.

You can also moth ball redundant data stores once they're indexed, saving you the overhead of maintenance and management.