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Require Expiry

Force your entry expiry

Download 1.6.x, Version (1.1) or get it from github

Every entry in expression engine has a start date. It’s something you can rely on. By default it’s set to the time that the entry was created, but you can change it whenever you please. Entries can also have expiry dates, but by default this is left blank (after all most of the time we don’t want entries to expire).

On occasions we want to be able to force the user to choose an expiry date for entries within a certain weblog/section/channel etc., and that’s exactly what this extension does. It adds a per weblog setting where you can force the user to add an expiry for all new entries.


  1. Download and unpack JB Require Expiry (also on github)
  2. Copy extensions/ext.jb_require_expiry.php to your /system/extensions directory
  3. Copy language/english/lang.jb_require_expiry.php to your /system/language/english directory


First activate the JB Require Expiry extension from System Administration > Utilities > Extensions Manager.

The settings for each weblog are found in the respective weblog settings. Go to Weblog Administration > Weblog Management > Edit Weblog Preferences and you’ll find the option to require an expiry for that weblog. By default it’s set to off, but you can turn it on if you want.


Support and feature requests are handled via github.


Minor fixes for certain edge cases
Initial Release

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