Every single important thing from 2020

Tea and Biscuits are an effective coping mechanism

Perhaps the least destructive of the available options.

Smoked Brisket is it's own food group

Spending 10 - 14 hours smoking a brisket is an excellent way to acquire a manly scent.

Making a joke that "we should do a podcast" will quickly commit you to far more follow through than you'd believe

The Unrelated podcast was meant to be a throwaway gag between myself and Stephen. At some point we started recording ourselves, and now we're in too deep to stop. It has the honor of being both:

  • The only side project we've followed through with and kept going for any reasonable length of time
  • The least important or useful way we could have spent our time

You should check out the end of year special episode to get a feeling of what it's about.

Making a joke podcast is a good excuse to have a laugh with a friend for a few hours a week

Also a good coping mechanism.

Making things and being able to talk about making things are 2 different skill sets

I lack the later.

Desk depth matters

The majority of my year was spent working from a desk that was ~5 cm narrower than my usual. I dearly missed those 5 cms.

I am measurably more productive with a single screen vs. multiple

A fact I knew deep down, but now have the hard proof to back it up.

Carving out specific coding time vs. planning time is the only way to get things done

Previously I have relied on timezone differences to keep my mornings free for coding, and the afternoons available for planning, reviews and calls. This year everything has been GMT based, blocking off time before 12 to actually work vs. talk about work has been the only way to actually get things done.

I make things for rectangles

One of the rectangles is this rectangle

It is for me and a you

I like you

This is the personal site for Joel Bradbury.

Don't take things too seriously. I won't.